Leadmodo review

Another tool again that’s not worth your money ? Is Leadmodo worth your time, energy and money?

In this Leadmodo review we will go in details telling you what is exactly this tool about and you will tell by yourself if it deserves for you to try it or not.

Before we dive in in this leadmodo review, let me introduce you the leadmodo author.

Leadmodo was launched in Oct 24, 2018 by Neil Napier, and along with Aidan Corkery and Yves Kouyo, all of them, experts in social media marketing for many years.

How does it work?

Leadmodo is a cloud based tool allowing you to generate leads by leveraging the power of polls and quizzes to get you more leads and sales automatically. It has the ability to reach billions of Facebook users, allowing you to get more leads through engagement.

This software can also work with your Facebook Messenger to reach out to more potential leads. They help your content reach directly to people’s inbox, forcing them to take a look at your offers.

Features You Will Get :

1. Quiz builder : You can use proven-to-convert templates to make your own quizzes from a wide variety of templates.

2. landing page customization : You can build a brand-new landing page from scratch to warm up your visitors before they actually get to your offers.

3. A/B Split testing : This feature will help you know if your campaigns are performing according to your expectations.

4. Pixel tracking : You can integrate many pixel code trackers such as Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords Pixel, and Bing Ad Pixel to track your campaigns.

5. Embed and Share : You can put your content into Messenger to massively send them to your customers or easily embed it on any website and Facebook fan page.

6. Image answer : With Leadmodo, yoiur leads can answer the quizzes, polls, and surveys by choosing an image. It’s an excellent way to keep your visitors stay on your website for a longer time.

7. URL Redirect : Once your lead finishes his quiz, poll or survey, he will be redirected to your offers. You can even choose the quizzes that are relevant to your offers.

Prices And Upsells

Leadmodo has one Front End Offer and 3 OTO :

My Honest Advice

If you want something easy, affordable, and highly efficient for your campaigns, LeadModo is worth you try it. And if you’re like me, looking for a cheap but efficient tool for your business, this is the tool i recommend.

I hope this post helped you in your tool research.

Thanks for reading and please share.

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