Email: the rock-solid, time-and-customer-tested, Marketing-approved way to keep your customers coming back for more.

And here are the stats to prove it—from email spam, to conversion rate differences by gender, to unsubscribes and deletes, to automation, to revenue and CTAs and CTRs and ROI, to subject lines… and everything in between and around and behind email marketing practices.

This epic infographic from email and spam-filtering software and services firm EveryCloud is a compendium of email-related statistics from 40+ sources.

Just about everyone in our digital age has an email address, and very often they are willing to let you have it in return for your content, goods, or services.

So check out the infographic for all the email stats you could ever want to make your email marketing a giant success:

Your Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide [Infographic]

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