7 Ideas for Making Money on the Internet in 2020

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Are looking for some Ideas for making money on the internet in 2020?

Have you tried some ideas for making money in 2019 without running into a scam? Do you vomit every time you see the expression “easy money” somewhere?

Tired of these ads that explain how to get rich on the Internet without any special knowledge and from your home?

Ideas for making money on the internet in 2020

Tired of pop-ups that promise you to earn 200 USD in one hour? I understand your point. Fortunately for you, I decided to research, evaluate and test real good ideas to make money.

Next year (2020) is coming with more openings in the ”work from home” industry and this is the best time to jump into the boat.

But above all, without marketing speeches, these ideas are not scams. If they were, I’ll make that clear to you. If they will only allow you to earn 2 USD in one month by spending 1 hour a day on them, it will be clearly indicated.

I have found more than 20 ideas, but I haven’t had time to study them all yet… it’s in progress, don’t worry!

However, here is an overview of 7 methods that I have selected for their ease of implementation, or the importance of the potential gains you can expect.

1. Read paid emails

Well, I guess you can guess what it is. You just have to… read emails.

These emails will lead to a visit to a website or a subscription to an offer, otherwise you will not be paid. There again, not enough to buy a Lamborghini, but a good 10 $ per month and per site.

Sometimes more. Some people manage to earn enough to buy a restaurant and a movie every month, so it’s not bad.

Two important tips before you register: create a new email address just for that purpose, as you may receive a lot of spam; and never forget to validate registration emails after you register for an offer or contest – otherwise your win will never be validated.

Here is one site i prefer: Swagbucks

2. Use the Cash back websites

Cash back simply consists in getting a refund for part of your online purchases. In addition, to encourage you to buy, cashback sites very often offer you discount codes and discounts.

For example, as I write these lines there is maybe a 10% discount code on all your Sony TV and Home Theatre purchases. So you’re a double winner, right?

Here is a non-exhaustive list, where you can get a refund for part of your purchases and benefit from many discount coupons

  • Miscellaneous: AliExpress (up to 6.50% cashback), Amazon (up to 6% cashback on certain categories of items), EBay (up to 1.50% cashback).
  • Fashion and beauty: Sephora (2% per purchase and -25% on your order) Yves Rocher (12% cashback per purchase and 8$ discount for purchases over 55$)

3. Create an online store and sell in dropshipping

Dropshipping is the latest trend in online business in recent years. Traditionally, to sell physical goods, it was necessary to have the stock at home or in a warehouse, but dropshipping takes a completely different approach.

You have absolutely no stock and it is the supplier who takes care of the delivery. Just act as an intermediary, thanks to the online shop you will have set up.

There is no need to manage deliveries, customer returns, and especially you do not have to buy a lot of stock (without knowing if you will be able to sell it). It’s on the side of the supplier who will send the product on demand.

Well, I didn’t say it was gonna be easy. Setting up a successful online store takes a lot of time and is very complicated. Many have tried and failed.

Fortunately, many of them share their experiences on the Internet. So you can learn from their mistakes so that you don’t fall into the same pitfalls.

4. Sell your documents online

Nowadays, you can sell anything online. If there are platforms dedicated to this, it is because there are interested buyers.

Here is one of them : Oboolo.

The operation is simple: you upload your document to one of the platforms, describe it in a few well-chosen words and off you go!

5. Train people online

In recent years, online training platforms have become known and have allowed people like you and me to share their knowledge and make a lot of money.

Online training allows you to have access to a lot of people, at the same time, at any time of the day or night, and anywhere. Once the training is published, revenues are “automatic”.

Here is an examples of online training platform : Udemy

6. Sell unused objects/clothing

Reselling clothes, appliances or objects that are no longer in use is a good way to add a few pieces to the piggy bank (Furniture, Clothing and accessories, Books, Tableware, etc.)

You can post it social medias for free and you make small money. Isn’t easy ?

7. Write (for a newspaper, a company, your blog…)

If you like to write, you could turn your passion into a lucrative way to make ends meet. Indeed, many blogs or newspapers are looking for people who can write beautiful prose in excellent English.

Although you could contact some blogs directly and offer them your services, the easiest way is to use platforms that group together offers and requests.

One of them is Fiverr.

However, there are 2 concerns: the competition is sometimes fierce and you may well find yourself competing with people who are willing to write a 500 word article for only $5.

In addition, you will sometimes have to write about subjects that you are not passionate about or that you do not know, which is not necessarily very pleasing.

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What is your best Ideas for making money on the internet in 2020? Please let me know in comments

Percy Koti

Percy Koti is an online marketer with 5 years of experience. He shares his experience on making extra income online and mistakes to avoid to succeed in the online business industry.

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