How To Make $1000 Per Day Or More From Home

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First and foremost, if you’re like me, when i started my online business, i was on budget, so i was looking for a way to earn income from home but with low investment, then i suggest you to have a look at my article ”4 Must know tips to make money online at home ”.

Specifically, In this article, we will focus on how to make money with Clickbank and Facebook (the only 2 platforms you will need), to make $1000 per day or more.

How to make money with Clickbank And Facebook

So stay until the very end, you will find out why these 2 platforms are powerful and can help you achieve your financial freedom.

To earn an income, by either selling digital or physical products, you need to have the right offer (solution) to put in front of the right audience (people in need).

Therefore, we will use Clickbank (where to find the right offer) to promote or sell on Facebook.

With over 1.2 billion users, Facebook (where to find the right audience), is by far the best place to target your audience, using a strategic approach.

1. How to chose your Clickbank products

Now that you know where to find your offers and where to promote them, it’s time now to pick the right one that will solve your audience’s problem. Remember, if you want to sell, your product need to solve a specific problem. Let’s dive in !!

  1. Go to and click on the right top menu ” Create Account”

2. Fill out your personal information and banking information to get paid every 10 days.

3. Once you’re setup, click on the right menu “LOG IN”

4. Enter your Username and Password

5. Click in the top menu “Marketplace”

6. Choose the niche you’re interested in (red menu on the left) and the sub-niche.

how to make money from home and online

To chose a great offer, you need to pick those with a high gravity score, a low initial sale in front-end, has a high ticket offer in back-end, good commission percentage and has a recurring billing option. These are the elements you need to focus when choosing your products. You can find them in the product owner affiliate page. There will be tons of tools to help you market their product (keywords, demographics, gender, high-converting landing page etc..

How To Make Money With Clickbank And Facebook

>> Good gravity score : 50+

>> Good initial sale : $1, free trial or < $50

>> Good high ticket offer on back-end : $499+

>> Good commission percentage : 50% or more.

Make a list on your notepad for at least 5 products you think are great for your audience. From that list, go deeper and keep only your 2 best products to promote by split-testing. Once you find a winner, scale it for bigger payouts.. That’s the way you will reach six-figures income.

Last thing for this step, click on “promote” to get your affiliate link and boom ! You’re ready to rock it on Facebook.

Your affiliate link (AKA hoplink) should look like this…. ” your ”

2. How to promote your offers on Facebook.

You can do that in 2 ways : Using Free traffic or using Paid traffic.

To get Free traffic, you can leverage the 4 micro platforms that Facebook offers: your timeline, your page, your groups and the last but not least, Instagram. All you have to do is to make a small attractive description of your offer, what problem it can solve and who can benefit from it. Don’t forget to put a link to your offer in the description.

Disclaimer : To promote on Facebook groups, I suggest a different approach. Don’t put your link in the description. Instead, engage members to comment on your post and send a message to your leads by inviting them to have a look at your offer. The purpose behind this is to start a small conversation. Facebook likes it. 👍 You won’t look spammy on Facebook algorithms and your account won’t be banned. 😉

See below, what i did with one my pages and notice yourself how it got tons of reactions from my fans, despite of NO LINK !!

how to make money online at home for free

For those who have nice pictures, you can leverage Instagram. Remember, Facebook owns Instagram. So, if you have tons of followers, that’s a great asset for your free marketing. Therefore, don’t forget to link your page with your Instagram account to extend your customer’s reach.

Paid traffic (my favourite) consists in running campaigns to get leads to turn them into customers.

To have a successful campaign and a great ROI (return on investment), you need to know exactly 2 very important things : who your audience is and what is your campaign objective.

Not knowing these 2 above elements, it’s guaranteed you will set fire on your money and your campaign is already dead before it even starts.

I strongly suggest that you follow this training that walks you through a step-by-step successful Facebook ad campaign designed specifically for Clickbank products.

This is my best recommandation to make $1000 per day or more.

You can register at no cost for you.

Do you have other strategies to promote clickbank offers on Facebook? Tell us in the comments.

Percy Koti

Percy Koti is an online marketer with 5 years of experience. He shares his experience on making extra income online and mistakes to avoid to succeed in the online business industry.

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    1. Thank you my dear. The secret is finding actually your audience to promote the right offer and you will find awesome tips in the free course i mentionned in the post. Great help especially for beginners.

  1. Hi

    Awesome article! Thanks, I learned a lot.

    I bought a Clickbank course from uDemy and it teaches another way. I think your tips will greatly complement to what I am using.

    I will share this article to my Facebook/wealthbuildertips page because I know many can benefit from it

    1. Thank you John. I always use easy methods that works great for me. The secret is to put the right offer in front of the right audience hungry to buy it.

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