4 Must Know Tips To Make Money Online At Home

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In this century, you’re not obliged to wake up early to go to your annoying J.O.B because thanks to internet, you can live a decent life just from the comfort of your living room. So please read this post till the very end and you will find out.

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Since time immemorial, humans have always wanted to make extra income in addition to their salary. Whether you are self-employed, a full-time worker or a mother at home, I will show you today how to make money online at home.

The purpose here is not to make you rich but help you be free working where and when you want, so you can spend time with your loved ones.

So, let’s dive in.

1. Join Affiliate Networks

Doing affiliate marketing is where I made my first $ online. You will find tons of affiliate programs out there and you will love it. Let me tell you why.

First, most of them are free to join and secondly, they have a good commission percentage, some up to 75% in front-end. Also, they pay weekly or bi-weekly, depending on their policy. Just ask for details.

The way it works is that you find a product relevant to your niche, contact the product’s owner to get an affiliate link and boom !! You’re ready to promote the product to make cash. Make sure to promote those with a high ticket offer in the back-end to have a good return on your investment. High ticket offer is a product that can be sold at a higher price like $997, $1997 or more. Therefore, your commission will be bigger.

The best thing with these networks is that most product’s owners have tools and training to help you succeed in your marketing and it’s free.

The Networks I personally use are Clickbank And Jvzoo.

2. Join CPA Networks

CPA stands for “Cost-Per-Action“, meaning you’re getting paid every time a leads makes a conversion on the advertiser’s website. It can be an app download, email submit, fills out a survey etc…

Your lead does not have necessarily to buy something. Converting is enough for you get your money.

The one i prefer is email submit offers. You can earn from $0.45 to $2.45 or more per conversion and the conversion rate is higher, around 5.95, depending on the country. I personally don’t recommend credit card submit offers, although the payout is very high, the conversion rate is very low around 1.15. So stay away from those offers, you will set fire on your hard earned money.

How To Make Money Online At Home, How To Make Money Online From Home, how to make money online at home for free, how to make money from home and online, how to make money blogging from home, how to make money blogging for free
==>> Aim for high payout but also good conversion rate !

Here also, joining is free, but some networks are very selective. So if, you’re a beginner, you need to join the ones that are beginners friendly such as Adworkmedia or CPA Lead. But, if you’re experienced in online marketing, i suggest Maxbounty.

Here is a tip to get approved quickly with Maxbounty : CALL them right away after submitting your application.

If you want to succeed in CPA marketing, here is a FREE Course that will walk you through the entire process how you can earn up to $500 per day.

3. Start A Blog

Everyone has something we are passionate about and if you can share your passion to people to help them achieve something, trust me, you will be rewarded.

Zig Ziglar said : “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”

The focus here is not be “too salesy” but to build a relationship with your reader audience. From that trust, they will be more comfortable to buy from you.

I can see your concern: Where the heck will i get content? I have a poor writing. Don’t worry, i get you covered. All you need to do is to join a platform of entrepreneurs who will help you for FREE about building your blog, your brand and everything you need to monetize it.

This is the easiest way to start your blog

4. Sell Items on Social Media 

There are untapped auction websites where you can buy new, refurbished or returned items at a very low price but you can still make a real profit that you can’t imagine. You will buy only if you win the bidding.

Let’s say you buy in bulk 30 new Apple airpods at $450 (Gross price), means you buy it at $15/unit, knowing that at Ebay it cost around min $85/unit. Let’s calculate your profit: 20x $85 = $1,700 – $450 (spent) = $1,250 (profit). Do you see the margin ? Awesome, isn’t ?

The con with these websites is that you need to be approved to start bidding and some of them receive only wire transfer as method of payment. Also, you need to pay on the next 24hrs of your winning bid. But the margin profit you will make worth you apply. Once you receive your items, you can sell them on social medias at NO AD COST. Woooow !!

My favorites are Walmart Liquidations Auctions and Bstock Supply Auctions.

So, how do you make money online at home ? Tell me in the comments below.

Percy Koti

Percy Koti is an online marketer with 5 years of experience. He shares his experience on making extra income online and mistakes to avoid to succeed in the online business industry.

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