Virtual Entrepreneurs Association – VEA Review 2019

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If you are reading this review, it is probably because you would like to know if VEA (Virtual Entrepreneurs Association) is worth it. Isn’t this another scam?

We will discover it throughout this review, so stay until the very end.

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What is VEA?

VEA (aka the “Virtual Entrepreneurs Association”) is a community platform that provides business owners with discounts, resources, and world-class education to help them on their entrepreneurial mission.

It’s basically a AAA membership designed especially for entrepreneurs, but with one major difference…

In Other Words: You Will Save Hundreds Of Dollars Each Month On The Things You Need.

VEA is also a perfect opportunity to build a consistent, monthly, recurring income stream. All you have to do is tell others about them.

Think of it like this… being a member of VEA is sort of like owning a franchise of AAA, only without paying a high franchise fee or setup fees. In fact, with this Free Trial offer, there’s no cost at all for you to get started. 

Created by Daven Michaels, who has been in the online marketing industry for many years and author of many best-sellers

passive income ideas 2019, smart passive income ideas, passive income opportunities

Here are a few more reasons why VEA is a smart business decision:

High Conversions : Their free trial model maximizes curiosity sign ups. Once your leads are inside, and they experience the value first-hand, subscribing is a no-brainer!

Low Churn : Since VEA members are making money, saving money, AND growing their business all at the same time… they tend to stick around longer.

Recurring Income : Since they pay commissions on monthly membership fees, promoting VEA is a great way to build up a significant passive income.

Easy to Start : No tech skills or specialized expertise necessary! All you need to build a consistent income with VEA is your promo link and a go-getter attitude.

Chunky Funnel : Once you qualify for their upper tier (5+ referrals) you’ll also receive commissions on upsells & downsells that can bring in over $600 per order.

Broad Appeal : VEA is for every business owner on the planet! From jet-setters to freelancers to brick-and-mortar owners to 9-to-5ers who dream of a side hustle.

What will you get inside VEA ?

Inside VEA you will find a 52-week, customized business training series

If you’re a newbie to running a virtual business, this training course will take you from zero to sixty in no time flat. If you’ve already started your entrepreneurial journey, the training will help take your business to the next level. 

And like we mentioned above, building a passive income with VEA doesn’t require and tech skills or specialized knowledge. So you can get started by doing something as simple as sharing VEA with your friends and family!

You have a 14 Day Free Trial, giving you access to over 671,000 exclusive discounts.

You also have a high converting, high value funnel.

passive income ideas 2019, smart passive income ideas, passive income opportunities

What will you get in their referral program ?

VEA has 1 Front-end (free trial), Upsells, Downsells and Monthly subscription fees.

VEA pays $5 for every free trial sign up you send to them. Even if they don’t take an upsell. Even if they don’t convert to a paid subscription.

Plus, they’re paying out 40% commissions on upsells / downsells & monthly subscription fees. So in addition to that automatic $5, you can receive some serious revenue from each prospect you send their way.


If you’re struggling to build your online business or small physical business, you need to be surrended by other entrepreneurs who already cranked the code of success in business and are ready to help others.

By now, you have enough details to make a decision if you should join VEA or not.

Good Luck !

Percy Koti

Percy Koti is an online marketer with 5 years of experience. He shares his experience on making extra income online and mistakes to avoid to succeed in the online business industry.

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